New Construction Home Buying in Naples Florida

New Construction Home Buying in Naples Florida

Don’t visit a new home community until you have your own representation. The Builder’s representative can’t choose between working for you or working for the builder. The Builder’s representative is obligated to protect the interests of the builder/developer.

The builder’s representative is not necessarily knowledgeable regarding other communities nearby or in neighboring towns that may meet your needs. After all, why would they recommend that you look, and perhaps buy, elsewhere?

The builder’s representatives will look to sell options, upgrades, and building lots that carry premiums that vary quite a bit. There is nothing wrong with this, some make very good sense. But which one’s don’t? What matters a lot, a little, or not at all when it comes to resale? Will you recoup the extra dollars spent? What upgrades can you, should you, do after the fact with your own contractor? There are a myriad of things to consider.

I will accompany you on your very first visit to a new home community where I will be your representative and liaison to the developer’s sales associate.  My obligation is to you, the buyer, to protect your interests. I don’t favor any one community over another except for the one that suits you best. I’ll provided as much, or as little, input as you like regarding options, upgrades, lot selection, property orientation, and after-the-fact upgrades.

It’s FREE, too! As a buyer, you are not responsible for compensating your REALTOR®. There’s no reason not to have an experienced, professional local advisor in your corner, whether you’re buying in a new development or not!

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